Hinchley Charitable Trust is an independent grant-making trust with a Christian ethos.

We support strategic grants which transform lives. Our focus is on developing strong partnerships with beneficiaries.

About The Trust

The trust was established in 1973 by the late R. H. Stanley of Purley, Surrey, as a tax-efficient way of managing his charitable donations. During Mr Stanley's lifetime, the trust was a small family trust which mainly made grants to Christian organisations.

When Mr and Mrs Stanley passed away in 2000, their estate was left to Hinchley, growing the trust considerably. Hinchley Charitable Trust was reconstituted as a Charitable Company in 2004. It retains close links to the Stanley family, but is now more broadly-based.

The primary focus is still supporting Christian charities, with a particular emphasis on youth work. The trust looks to support activities and initiatives which have the potential to transform communities.

Grant Making Areas

Grants are given in the UK and in the majority world in the following focus areas:

In the UK

  1. Training of Christian leaders;
  2. Holistic Christian mission in communities;
  3. Christian youth organisations;
  4. Christian influence in the public sphere.

Majority World

  1. Leadership training for the South – this might include grants to larger organisations that may otherwise fall outside the criteria;
  2. Community development work by smaller charities focusing on a niche area, with a strong local partnership;
  3. Strategic promotion of the Christian faith - consistent with sustainability and training.

Examples of projects that have received grants

Willowfield Parish Trust

In tandem with Willowfield Parish Church, The Willowfield Parish Community Association (WPCA) was formed to reach out to one of the most socially deprived areas in Northern Ireland. Working in the community, for the community, WPCA offers help to the elderly, lone parents, families struggling with poverty, unemployed adults, teenagers and children.

Hinchley Charitable Trust has been involved in funding a number of initiatives including the employment of an outreach worker.

For more information visit: www.downanddromore.org

The Sycamore Project

The Sycamore Project (Zac's Youth Bar) works with young people across Bolton, empowering them to reach their full potential. Activities include employability and entrepreneurial skills workshops, sports, drop-in sessions and individual support and mentors for young people.

For more information visit: www.zacsyouthbar.co.uk

The Langham Scholarship Programme

The Langham Scholarship Programme is committed to the promotion of Christian scholarship in the Majority World. They seek to train present and future world church leaders who will encourage church growth with depth in Majority World churches.

Hinchley Charitable Trust has been involved in providing financial support to doctoral students from the Majority World who will return to the Majority World on the completion of their studies, giving them access to theological training that would otherwise not be available.

For more information visit: uk.langham.org

The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity - Work Forum

Hinchley has supported LICC's Work Forum, a project that seeks to envision and equip Christians and their churches for the workplace. The Forum provides resources for workers and church leaders, as well as running events and courses. There is an emphasis on supporting young adults as they enter the workplace.

For more information visit: www.licc.org/work-forum

How We Fund Projects

This site is to inform you of the work of Hinchley Charitable Trust. Our aim is to work with a select number of charity partners and therefore we do not accept unsolicited applications.


Contact Details

Hinchley Charitable Trust,
10 Coplow Terrace,
Coplow Street,
B16 0DQ

Email: info@hinchleycharitabletrust.org.uk

Registered in England: 5353283, Registered Charity No. 1108412

For more information, find Hinchley Charitable Trust on the Charity Commission